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About the Company

Yalal Bin Talal Limited is a starte up company that exports grains and oil crops to Europe, UAE, North Africa, India and South-East Asia. YBT Limited was founded in 2018 following the change mantra in Nigeria’s Agricultural policy. Against the backdrop of the Anchor Borrower Program and the massive grain production in Nigeria, Yalal Bin Talal aims to deliver quality grains and crops to customers according to best global practice.

We are located in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, and also in Borno State in the North-east. This gives us access to all the hinterlands with wide variety of commodities across all producers and farming communities. We export to high quality markets in attractive consumer packs.

Our focus on exports have been recognized by the Government of Nigeria through the Export Expansion Facility Program. We are registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (RC:1549838).

Our future plan is to expand and become one of the best global grain and food export brands in Africa creating jobs and livelihood.


Quality will always be a cornerstone at Yalal Bin Talal Limited. We use both our in-house and external laboratories to constantly test raw food materials for both safety and quality. The microbiological, physical and chemical properties of our products are all analysed. In addition, we pay close attention to allergen control

Nigeria had a history of beans returned after export, that bitter experience made us ensure strict compliance when it comes to quality. We have developed a team-oriented environment that encourages improvement and ensures all hands on deck to meet the demands of our business. We also recognize the vital role of quality controls and our position as a reliable and consistent supplier. That’s why constant enhancement of our services through complete understanding of customer needs is a must.

Quality Service...Quality Agric